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Ehrlich Personnel

One of the few consulting firms in the US that specialize in the Freight Forwarders and Customhouse Brokers business. Whether you are a large multinational forwarder or a shipper doing your own brokerage, Ehrlich Personnel can help you locate and hire the experienced people you need.

If you are an importer, you are aware that under the recent Customs Modernization Act you have new responsibilities. You must keep accurate auditable records of your import shipments and share liability with your customs broker. Let Ehrlich Personnel help you find any seasoned customs broker to oversee your import program and avoid costly fines and penalties.

Our company is one of the few US personnel consulting firms specializing in Freight Forwarders and Customhouse Brokers businesses. We are members of the International Traffic Managers Association, the National Defense Transportation Association plus fourteen local CHB/FFF associations in all major ports including the Houston Air Cargo Association and the Houston Custom Brokers Freight Forwarders Association.

We Save You Time

Because we are professional personnel recruiters.

We Save You Money

We only send candidates who are qualified, which reduces company time spent on screening and interviewing unqualified or disinterested candidates. We want you to get the most qualified people available for your international operations at salary ranges within your budget. We are dedicated to providing flexible, responsive service at a reasonable cost while maintaining the highest level of integrity and trust.

We Save You Aggravation

We do the recruiting with eliminates the need for advertising. Your staff can give their full attention to their usual productive job duties. Costly mistakes resulting from work overload will be eliminated because we fill your personnel vacancies quickly. We put you in control of who knows about the openings in your firm. Our quietly effective placement activity allows you to replace key people with a minimum of disruption.

Are These Your Questions?

  • How will we find a competent personnel agency that could also focus on our needs as a Freight Forwarder or Customs Broker or Importer?

  • Where can we look for objective, comprehensive, reliable expert assistance in hiring qualified staff?

  • Who do we turn to for answers when our personnel needs become critical and no one we know wants to change companies?

Here Are Our Answers!

  • We have found very few personnel agencies anywhere in the country who can match our expertise in working with forwarders, brokers, and shippers.

  • Since 1981 we have positioned ourselves a nationwide to bring a unique perspective to the field not available from other “headhunter” consulting firms.